MONDAY TO SUNDAY 10:30 AM - 10:30 PM

Lunch Special ($10.99)

(Served From 10:30 Am – 2:30 Pm)
(Free Wonton Soup / Egg Roll / Spring Rolls + Pop)

L1. Ginger Beef / Chicken/Pork On Rice

L2. Shanghai Noodle with Chicken / Beef

L3. Szechuan Noodle with Chicken / Beef

L4. Honey Garlic Ribs On Rice

L5. Szechuan Chicken Or Beef Or Pork On Rice

L6. General Tao Chicken On Rice

L7. Chicken / Beef / Pork Chow Mein / Lo Mein

L8. Lemon Chicken On Rice

L9. Sweet & Sour Pork w/ Pineapple On Rice

L10. Beef Or Chicken with Broccoli On Rice

L11. Curry Chicken Or Curry Beef On Rice

L12. Pad Thai with Chicken

L13. Singapore Noodle with Chicken

L14. BBQ Pork Slices On Rice

L15.Chicken/Beef Chop Suye