• Shang Hai Noodle with Chicken/To-Fu $11.99
  • Shang Hai Noodle with Shrimp/Beef/BBQ Pork $12.99
  • Hot Szechuan Noodle with Chicken/To-Fu $1.99
  • Hot Szechuan Noodle with Shrimp/Beef/BBQ Pork $12.99
  • Chicken/ Mix Vegetable Chow/Lo Mein $12.99
  • Famous Shredded Duck Chow/Lo Mein$14.50
  • Beef Chow Fan $12.99 (GF)
  • Beef Chow/Lo Mein $12.99
  • Beef Stir Fried Rice Noodles in Black Bean Sauce $12.99 (GF)
  • BBQ Pork/Cantonese/Seafood/Shrimp Chow/Lo Mein $14.50
  • Pad Thai with Chicken/ Pork&Shrimp $12.99/$13.99 (GF)
  • Singapore Rice Noodle/ Pork&Shrimp $12.99/$13.99 (GF)

(GF) = Gluten Free Menu Item. Please advise server if you require a gluten free meal when ordering.

We can not guarantee our sauce is gluten free, We just can 100% guarantee our rice, rice noodle and meat is gluten free,